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I grew up working in a manufacturing plant, which led me into engineering, technology, and design. I consider myself a jack of all trades, I have tribal knowledge of many industries and learn quickly when intuduced to new ones. I am passionate to expand my knowledge and further develope my skills.


I am an engineer by career and a technology enthusiast. Below is my full contact information.

  • Fullname: Clayton James Smith
  • Birth Date: August 31, 1984
  • Job: Engineer
  • Website: claytonjsmith.com
  • Email: clay@claytonjsmith.com


Besides my wide array of general skills I am intriged by certain skills more than others. Below is a representation of the skills that I am most interested in and find myself to be more proficient in.

  • 85%
  • 65%
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  • 75%
  • 75%
  • 85%

More of my credentials.

Although education is important, I believe experience provides higher benefit and reward. Below is a summary of my work and education experiences.

Work Experience

Senior Project Engineer
Eng Team Leader

Jan 2013 - Present

Solberg Manufacturing Inc.

Working for Solberg I saw the need for better processes and procedures. I developed and implemented a system for widespread engineering control and function. Clockwork is best mistake free.

Project Engineer

Jan 2009 - Dec 2012

Solberg Manufacturing Inc.

As a project engineer you begin working outside of a focused engineering position. When working for a small business you have more opportunity to experience functions and procedures of other roles. In this role I managed projects and orders, the importance is not paying too much attention to details and making sure deadlines are met.

Manufacturing Engineer

Jan 2006 - Dec 2008

Solberg Manufacturing Inc.

I began my career working at Solberg, it is a great small business with a strong foundation. As a manufacturing engineer, I was mostly working in product and part design. I polished my CAD skills and ventured into 3D modeling.

Engineering Intern

June 2005 - August 2005

Solberg Manufacturing Inc.

I chose Solberg Manufacturing to complete my internship program for school. During my internship I experienced engineering procedures, drafting protocol, product/part design, product testing, machine repairs, and inter-company relations.


1998 - 2005

Smith Wood Industires

The manufacturing plant I grew up in, many memories and much of my knowledge started here. Back in 1956 my grandpa started a wood working company and it evolved into a high production wood awards and components manufacturing business. As a kid I worked here during summers - this is where I became passionate for engineering design and building. I performed machine design & maintenance, part design, machine operation, plant maintenance, office IT, and was a lunch room entertainer.


Bachelor of Science
Mfg. Engineering

2002 - 2005

Western Illinois University

Located in west central Illinois. I attended WIU to grow my engineering knowledge and hands-on experiences. While focusing on my studies I also built some great friendships. This was a key part to my future career.

General Education

1998 - 2002

William Fremd High School

Located in a suburb of Chicago, it is known as one of America's best high schools.


Check Out Some of My Work.

Working on at home technology, engineering, and design projects are my hobbies. Below are a few recent projects I have completed or am still working on.


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